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Winter Warm Ups: Meals to warm up this Winter

Winter has officially come around, which means the “Summer Body” officially goes out the window and you are now looking for something warm and comforting for those longer, darker nights.

So, what are your favourite winter comfort foods? We love a cheese toastie, and Hot Chocolate as much as the next person, but when you are craving something more, then we have got you covered. Why not try out some of our favourite Winter Recipes to kick those Winter cravings to the curb and feel yourself with a hearty meal! Italian Meatballs

With Spaghetti and Meatballs,

you can switch it up to as hot as you like! Try adding some spices into the sauce and sprinkling a small amount of cheese over the top to compliment the flavours perfectly.

Spaghetti Bolognese

The classic “Spag Bowl” and there’s a reason it is so popular. Mixing all of the goodness together, curl up on the sofa and enjoy! Why not try and switch the mince for Quorn, or even adding fresh sliced tomatoes with some basil for extra flavour.

Chilli Con Carne

Kick the chills with one of the UK’s favourite classics, the Chilli Con Carne! A pub classic in the Winter months. You can switch the spice up as much as you like with this dish!

Soup Glorious Soup!

Well, tis the season to be sipping soup! This is always a winner. You can make so many different flavours in the comfort of your own home, sweet potato and chilli, chicken and mushroom, potato and leek, the list goes on and all with ingredients just lying around in the home. Boil them or if you have a Soup Maker, then you can officially the be the envied one in the office this Winter.

Roast Dinner

Does this dish need an introduction? I did not think so either. Our restaurants best sellers, we cannot get enough of them through the door every weekend. With the classic Roast Chicken or Beef, to the Vegetarian options of the Vegan Wellington, these are always a winner in the

perfect Sunday warm up meal.


Why not mix things up with this popular Mexican dish? Enchiladas are the classic comfort food, and you can never go wrong with this quick but satisfying meal.


Our favourite family home cooked meal, and even turning into a health kick booster is still a winner! Why not try and switch the ingredients? Try adding Leaks, Spinach and Kale.

For more Winter Food ideas, head over to the blogs of Brit.Co to see more! And do not forget to pop into one of our sister Restaurants for our famous Roast Dinners and kick those winter blues!

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