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The Top Christmas Table Trends you need this year

It has been nearly two years since the first signs of the Global Pandemic hit our shores, and from that, our Christmas’s are we knew it were taken from us.

But this year, we have a strange feeling that many families, friends and companies across the United Kingdom and the world will be making up for the lost festivities and celebrations with their loved ones and doing it properly this year.

So, without a further ado, lets take a peek at the table trends must haves for your Christmas get together this festive period.

Mince Pies

Along with the famous Christmas Pudding, the Mince Pie is the ultimate Pietastic treat for any after dinner fancy. But does everyone like them? Truth be told, they aren’t everyones cup of tea, so we have seen a huge change in the market for these little Christmas Heroes, the biggest change being their filling!

Go are the days of the bittersweet Bourbon and Orange fillings, move over! Now we are introducing the latest trend, the "millionaire" salted caramel and chocolate from Aldi, the Salted Caramel from Tesco, and dare we say it, even the Hoisin Duck from Marks and Spencer.

But if you don’t quite fancy moving up market just yet and you would rather stick to your roots, then may we suggest the ever so delightful Merry Berry’s Mince Pies.


Need we say more? Even Restaurant Menus are hosting an array of Cheese and Crackers for desert now if you are not in the mood for something sweet.

And this Christmas Season we are seeing everything baked, from Baked Cheeses, Camembert, and even those wrapped in puff pastry, it’s all gooey this Christmas.

And the best part is, you can make these in the comfort of your own home if you really are feeling adventurous!

Why not try some of favourites from Raymond Blanc’s Baked Camembert Recipe, or if you are feeling a little more adventurous then why not try the ever so exquisite Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

The classical trends of the Macaroni and Cheese recipes have been around for years, but now it means you can now grab all of those leftovers and the remaining cheese from the cheeseboard and create your very own Christmas “Cheeseson”.

Party Treats

Even after the big Christmas Feast, we can never say no to a little nibble! You can never seem to stop yourself from wondering over to the table and grabbing a few little bits and before you know you have visited the table at least five times.

But these are bound to grab everyone’s attention and taste buds so dive in and get creative!

Why not try the ever so delicious tandoori-style chicken skewers, or everyone’s favourites, the traditional Sausage Roll. Partnered with the mouth watering Gooey Chocolate Brownie Recipe, or Christmas RockyRoad.

Whatever your plans this Christmas Season, we want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at Holland Hospitality.

Stay safe everyone.

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