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Set Sail! The Anchor is back!

Over the last eighteen months, since COVID hit our shores, companies and hospitality industries have been clamouring to hold on to their brands and businesses.

And now, after another nine months of waiting, wishing, and hoping, and a bit of TLC, The Holland Hospitality Group are now proud to announce the re-opening of our sister restaurant, The Anchor. A cosy country pub cooking over coals and wood.

Last night, the grand re-opening began, swinging open the doors and shaking off the cobwebs to welcome back all of its customers.

The tables were dusted off, the books full once more and drinks were flowing, with a lot of happy, full tummies leaving late last night.

The Anchor, based in Burwell, Cambridgeshire, has been through some changes, with new menus and now a brand-new face to set sail with the brand.

Welcome to the family Nico!

New Head Chef, Nico Rasile has joined the team with some exciting and fresh ideas to push the brand even further than before!

For the past 16 years he has been working in Central London in and with some of the most famous chef and restaurants, such as Jason Atherton, Bryn Williams, Heston Blumenthal, Wolseley, and the Salt Yard Group.

Nico is also an ambassador for “The Burnt Chef Project”. An organisation that is now trying to shine a light on the dark stigma of mental health that surrounds the working life within the kitchen and the restaurant industry. 

Return of the legend! Louis makes a comeback!

On top of the grand re-opening of the ever so popular Anchor, we have even more news!

The legend himself, Louis Becket is now making a return to The White Pheasant, working closely with founder and Head Chef Calvin Holland, the dream team are now back in business and in full swing!

Louis has lead a very successful career in creating some truly magnificent pieces, with his exciting new line of chocolates. You can find Louis’s amazing creations online.

The Sunday lunch menu as always, is proving to be very popular here at The Anchor and the Breakfasts are proving to be a winner at The White Pheasant, so we highly recommend you reserve a table to avoid disappointment.

Looking for outside catering? Our team are here to help with your event or big day, get in touch with the Pheasant Catering Team today on 01638 720414 or email us on

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