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Oh Decisions! Why choosing the best Catering option is important for your day.

There are so many big decisions when it comes to choosing the perfect menu for your big day. It can be a daunting task when choosing the right caterer as well as the menu!

So, we want to take the stress out of trying to plan it all, and we are here to break it down. Below you will find exactly what it is we offer and the perfect set-up for your big day, whether it’s the whole shebang or the laid-back Summer feels of a BBQ menu we have got you covered.


Offering a very simple yet lovely and effective entrée for your guests to sample on before diving right in and can really set the scene for what’s to come. These are usually passed around by the catering staff along with the cocktail and drinks hour before the ceremony and meal.

We like to think of our appetisers are the crème de la crème of what we call “snack food”. But remember, they’re not for everyone. That is a given, and we get it, some couples don’t always want the appetiser menu passed around. So when thinking of the appetisers and you don’t want to go too overboard, then we can offer a simple and laid back option that is perfect for you and your guests.

Sit Down Meal

We weren't awarded not one but TWO Rosette Awards for Culinary Excellence for our 5* food and service for nothing. From the founders and creators of The White Pheasant in Fordham, our menu comes fully equipped with those mouth-watering formal platters you might see online and think to yourself “That must cost a pretty penny”. By working with us, Pheasant Catering can bring the glitz and the glam to your Wedding and Event menu without breaking the bank, but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.

We offer a beautifully designed 3 Course meal, full of the best dishes and a taste bud tingly experience that will leave your guests wanting more!

Summer feel of a BBQ meal

Summer has finally arrived in the U.K. and with lockdown beginning to ease the Weddings are now upon us and at the most beautiful time of the year. So if you are looking for a laid approach to your Wedding or Event where you want both yourselves and the guests to feel comfortable, then why not our BBQ Menu?

From the BBQ range itself, to a Finger Food Buffet we have got you covered for event specialities. Like most couples, we hear a lot of “We want it as laid back as possible, nothing too formal just something relaxed and tasty” and we have got that covered!

From Burgers, to Skewers and a Lemon Drizzle Cake Galore you will want to be asking the question “Why didn’t we book this before?”

Why hiring a caterer for your Wedding or Event is the right thing to do

By hiring Pheasant Catering as your professional caterer, we can take care of everything and allow you to reap the benefits and enjoy the moment. From the planning, cooking, and even the cleaning up, we have everything covered leaving you to just enjoy yourself.

We can cater to you a style of menu to fit every couples needs and wedding size. Contact the team today to find out how we can help.

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