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How to host COVID Safe Weddings

When the day finally came that the Wedding Doors were finally opening, the team here at Pheasant Catering Head were so excited to get back into the wonderful world of weddings.

We could even see the excitement as the doors opened properly once more for The Maids Head, and The White Pheasant, and of course one of the leading Wedding Venues in the Cambridgeshire area Rosewood Pavilion. The team were ready.

We have already visited various venues in the East Anglia and Suffolk area, and the team have been eager to hit the ground running for our couple’s big day.

But as the saying goes (slightly changed up), “with great reputation comes great responsibility” and that is exactly what us as a team, a brand, and a company plan to keep to the highest standard when we look after your day!

As we ease ourselves back into the celebration’s scenes with Weddings and Events, we are still cautious that COVID is still here. So, we have created our TOP 5 TIPS to create the safest way on holding your Wedding Day or Event and how the team here at Pheasant Catering can help.

  • The Venue: Get Creative with your layout

Whichever venue you decide to choose, you want to firstly make sure that they are keeping up with the most up to date COVID guidelines.

And once you have selected your perfect venue, that is when the fun can begin! Even starting with your seating arrangements, this is a great time to get creative if you need to.

Try and keep the direct families seated together, and maybe look at a layout similar to an outdoor seating arrangement, keep it intimate so limited numbers on tables. The team are also here to help advise on any needs for your venue choice should you need them.

  • If you can, keep it intimate

We understand that weddings are supposed to be exciting, but as the saying goes, less is more. You want to quality over quantity and even at a venue that offers over 100 guests to your big day, look into the layout of the venue and if you feel comfortable having that many guests attend if there is a small layout for everyone to be at once. We find somewhere such as Rosewood Pavilion, The Maids Head for more intimate celebrations, also including the truly stunning open spaces of The Meadow Garden in Ely, Suffolk who can all offer space, as well as beautiful landscapes and space for the party to continue safely.

  • Tag your guests glasses

Now we’re not saying name and shame here, what we are proposing is that you simply name your guests glasses, so when they do go up to have a drink, they can limit the confusion of “Is that your drink or mine” it does not matter because their name will be attached, ta-da!

  • Food of choice – Are you being served?

Now, we do not want to toot our own horn here, by the great thing when it comes to our Catering Team is you will be looked after. Think in order to get the best and safest option you need a formal sit-down meal, nope! Even if you choose our BBQ Menu, our team will be sure to deliver this straight to you table with ease. No mixing, no fuss, just pure perfection food to get the tastebuds tingling!

  • Keep those hands clean!

Very simple but very effective even just at the dinner table! Be sure to make sure there is hand sanitiser based at as many stations in your venue as possible and where you can, wash your hands and keep them clean! When it comes to your wedding, we want you to have the best day, filled with memories and great food. But if you are worried about your day then let the team here at Pheasant Catering help you.

For help to plan your event or big day, get in touch with the Pheasant Catering Team today on 01638 720414 or email us on

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