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  • Calvin Holland

How to have a Ghoul this Hallowseve!

It’s that time of year again. Have you got plans this Halloween? Well STOP what you are doing, because we have got the perfect plan for you to have a ghoul this spooky season!

There’s nothing spooky about this offer…

It’s ALIVE from 6pm on Saturday 30th October. We are welcoming you to the Monster Mash! Be prepared for a ghoulish time…

Offering you FREE Entry, a concoction of our best-selling cocktails for the spooky season, and a live act with Shaun Colwill !

And so much more…

Dressing up? Come as your spooky self and you could win! With our fancy-dress competition this really is going to be the Hallowseve of the year, and all will be held at The Maids Head.

Stuck on what to wear? Here are some of our frightening favourites for the fearful season…

Iconic Rock

Why not get your tribe together to rock up as iconic musicians of the likes of; Blondie, Led Zeppelin, Kiss and David Bowie.

Hocus Pocus

Who can forget the ladies that put a spell on us all every year. The legendary ladies that are “Hocus Pocus”.

Flapper Girls

A little party never killed nobody, or did it? Get you and your girl gang to feel drop dead gorgeous in fringe dresses and feather galore!

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn, The Joker, or even The Enchantress. You can’t go wrong with these knockouts!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Find you a Jack Sparrow, maybe even an enchanted Mermaid and you are winning!

Disney Villains

Cruella Devil, Ursula, Maleficent, if they do not scare no evil thing will!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hot Pootatie bless my soul we really love the Horror Ghoul! Dressing up as Eddie, Riff Raff or even the one and only Frank Furter. You are bound to turn heads this Hallowseve. Leave the brains for later, we have you covered with our “make your own pizzas”

So be sure to come if you dare and release your inner Jekyll this Hallowseve for a night of spooktacular Monster Mash Musical Fun!

SIGN UP NOW! And enjoy the latest offers, news and events: The Maids Head, The White Pheasant, The Anchor

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