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How soon should choose your caterer ?

So, it has finally happened, your partner has finally popped the question and you are officially engaged. Which now means the exciting part can begin, the Wedding planning.

But when should you begin planning for your big day?

Believe it or not, planning for your big day should begin at least 12 months before your chosen date. Sometimes you are looking at an 18-month planning spree if you want to be super organised.

And this goes for anything, Choosing your date, your Venue, and then your dream team of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

What to look for when planning your big day.

They say that the two most influential parts of a wedding day that your guests remember are the music and the food, so it is important that you choose correctly and you understand not only your needs for the day, but your guests as well.

So when should you start booking your caterer?

The aim of the game is to book your caterer and main suppliers 6 – 12 months in advance to your chosen wedding date to avoid disappointment.

Most venues have their own in-house catering team, but in some instances, you can ask the question to have your own if you so wish to, that is of course down to the venues discretion.

If you are local to the Suffolk, Cambridgeshire area, then you might want to try to the upcoming and very popular rural wedding venue Rosewood Pavilion, in Chippenham.

Pheasant Catering are proud to be their chosen caterers and their venue alone is a winner on the packages they offer, they are also easily located to find from the Norfolk and surrounding areas.

Start planning today to avoid disappointment.

If you are newly engaged or you have finally made the decision to start your planning your big day, then why not get in touch to see if we can be there for your big day?

Pheasant Catering have a wide variety of menu options from a sit-down formal menu to a BBQ or even Hog Roast. There is something for everyone.

Want to book? Visit us to enquire today and find out more!

SIGN UP NOW! And enjoy the latest offers, news and events: The Maids Head, The White Pheasant, The Anchor.

If you have an enquiry for your Wedding or Event then get in touch with the team today.

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