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Great Wratting Wedding – Sarah and Gareth

When creating your “dream wedding” always remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune, you don’t need the fanciest silver wear or the biggest centre pieces.

Sometimes the best part of a wedding is the food and the company.

The little touches you offer your guests, such as their favourite drink, a great catering team to serve the best food with ease. And not forgetting a good boogie afterwards!

That is what a wedding is all about, creating memories with your nearest and dearest, and that is exactly what Gareth and Sarah did with their beautiful big day.

Set back in the beautiful setting of Great Wratting, the team were lucky enough to cater for the wedding of Sarah and Gareth.

In the stunning settings of an open barn, with rolling fields and a beautifully chic setting, the team were excited to set up.

The day was perfect, set up of 5 or so tables for their nearest and dearest. On arrival you were greeted by open fields, a view that was truly stunning, and a dainty but simply perfect barn where the guests were to sit and have their food, speeches were to be held and the celebrations were to begin.

This one was one of our favourite touches of the day, Gareth and Sarah offered the tables different drinks, an added touch to other weddings where you are served with just wine.

Gareth and Sarah included other brands and bottles for each table for an extra special touch for their guests, which made the biggest difference in our opinion.

The whole atmosphere was perfect, with boho decorations, the elegant setting of chairs and tables and our plates and glasses to add that Michelin restaurant touch when serving the food.

The team eased into the serving for the guests, working around the tables with their food, canapes, a variety of dishes, both meat and vegetarian, with their favourite drinks being served, this was a recipe for success and the guests were more than happy.

Sarah and Gareth we hope that you had the best day, we were honoured to be a part of it and we wish all of the happiness and love on your journey together as Husband and Wife.

For help to plan your event or big day, get in touch with the Pheasant Catering Team today on 01638 720414 or email us on

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