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Food and Drink to make you feel your best on your Wedding Day

The Hen do is over, the Stag Do is complete, you have conquered the hangover and said the words “I am never drinking again” sound familiar?

But we all know that come the big day you won’t be saying no to any free drinks or when the champagne is flowing, it’s all bets are off!

But we also want to enjoy the day, and not look back at all of the photos and think “I do not remember that”, so we thought we would look after you and give you some of our best ideas on what to do for food and drink on your big day to make you feel and good.

Bride Tribe Assemble! You are already jittering with butterflies, the bottles are popping, the team have assembled and everyone is getting ready according to plan. But there is something you are still forgetting…TO EAT! Of course as the Bride Tribe and most importantly the Bride we don’t exactly want to bloat, so here are some tips of how to stay hydrated, whilst enjoying the bridal breakfast:

  • Eat a light-hearted breakfast full of protein and whole grain to soak up the nerves and booze!

  • Try Scrambled Eggs on whole wheat toast, or even adding a touch of Salmon, it is your big day after all splash out!

  • Also try peanut butter on toast with a side helping of fruit, or Greek yoghurt with fruit.

Do not forget to snack! We don’t want you to ruin your lipstick or foundation, so try and eat some already skinned and cut up Apple, Banana or even a smoothie to help you stay on top form.


SIP your bubbles!

We all know it is an exciting time, but from experience a little sip here and there can go a long way.

Try sipping water or even orange juice in between alcoholic drinks to stay hydrated, drinking too much alcohol too early can dehydrate you, not to mention too much too quickly can cause a bad case of “I am never drinking again” before the speeches!

Try and eat with your guests! When they eat you eat, snack as much as you can.

What Next?

If you are newly engaged or you have finally made the decision to start your planning your big day, then why not get in touch to see if we can be there for your big day? We always advise to start planning and booking your suppliers at least 18 months before your beautiful big day to avoid the disappointment of missing out on your dream supplier.

Pheasant Catering have a wide variety of menu options from a sit-down formal menu to a BBQ or even Hog Roast. There is something for everyone.

Want to book? Visit us to enquire today and find out more!

SIGN UP NOW! And enjoy the latest offers, news and events: The Maids Head, The White Pheasant, The Anchor.

If you have an enquiry for your Wedding or Event then get in touch with the team today.

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