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Catering Ideas for Baby Showers

Planning a Baby Shower is one of the most exciting moments and a great way to celebrate the beautiful new addition coming into the family. So when planning the catering, having a professional caterer can be one of the best decisions to add a special touch to your day.

Arranging a professional caterer for your event can take the edge off any planning, the stress away from food shopping, the prepping, and the exhaustion of carrying and setting everything up. So save yourself a job and let us do it!

Here are some of our favourites from the Food Menu to add to your day…

Offer Finger Buffet Food

Offer your guests a simple and straight forward menu, creating a Finger Buffet Food will be easy, no plates, no formal sitting, and your guests can enjoy every moment chatting and making memories, all while eating…perfect!

Keep it neutral – Stay away from themes

Using a Caterer to celebrate a Baby Shower can be so much fun, but, don’t go too overboard with the colour coordination of the food, allow the catering company you choose to create a fine dining experience with a beautiful layout. Most guests are more warmed to a good spread rather than the colourants used for the baby gender itself, so be sure not to go overboard when catering for your guests.

Offer lots of options

Be sure that when you work with your Caterer to add as many dietary options as possible. Especially the Mum-to-Be, you want to create a variety of food for everyone but be sure to look after the Mum, as she is Number 1. Avoid foods which are unsafe to eat during pregnancy.

Be sure to cater for Vegans, Vegetarians, and also such diseases as Celiac (preventing them of eating anything with Gluten in it). Be ahead of the game: Ask guests in advance to let you know of any dietary requirements.

And finally, The Cake. Whether it is cupcakes, or the grand finale with the beautiful cake for the Mum-to-Be!

For help to plan your event or big day, get in touch with the Pheasant Catering Team today on 01638 720414 or email us on

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